Bishop Dominic's Ministries

How Bishop Dominic Became Our Friend

Many years ago, there was a parishioner, Mary Agnes McGrail, from St. Augustine Catholic Church in Kalamazoo who decided to sponsor a seminarian in Kenya, Africa. That seminarian was Dominic Kimengich, who was ordained a priest in 1986.  In 1996, Fr. Dominic traveled to Kalamazoo to meet his sponsor, Mary Agnes McGrail. Their friendship grew into an enduring mother-son relationship. It was during this visit that he met Msgr. Mike Hazard and they became fast friends. Since then, he has visited Kalamazoo several times and has become a cherished friend to many parishioners at St. Joseph Church and others in the Kalamazoo Diocese.

When Fr. Dominic first came to us, he was the rector at St. Joseph Junior Seminary, a Catholic secondary school for boys in Molo, Kenya.  The mission of the school is to educate young men and form them with Christian values and virtues.  In 2001 he was appointed Vicar General of the Diocese of Nakuru, located in the Rift Valley province of Kenya.  From 2006 through 2008 he served as Rector of St. Matthias Mulumba Major Seminary in Tindinyo, overseeing the formation of 170 seminarians.  He then served at the Kenya Catholic Secretariat in Nairobi, serving the entire Church in Kenya in Canonical issues by offering legal/canonical advise to the bishops, clergy, laity and religious. Prior to his appointment as auxiliary bishop, he was Judge of the Diocesan Ecclesiastical Tribunal of Nakuru and responsible for sourcing money for the Canon Law Office and ensuring the establishment of functional tribunals in the country.


Father Dominic becomes Bishop Dominic

Dominic Kimengich, beloved friend of St. Joseph Parish, was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Lodwar, Kenya by Pope Benedict XVI on March 20, 2010.  He was ordained as a bishop on May 22, 2010 at Lodwar.  On March 5, 2011 Pope Benedict XVI appointed him Bishop of the Diocese of Lodwar upon the retirement of Bishop Patrick Harrington.  He was installed as Bishop on March 30, 2011 at the Cathedral in Lodwar. 

Bishop Dominic was born in 1961 in Kituro, Kenya.  He attended Marigat primary school from 1967 to 1974 and graduated from Kituro High School 1979.  He joined St. Augustine Major Seminary in Mabanga to study for the priesthood, then went on to earn diplomas in Philosophy and in Theology at Urbanian University.  He was ordained deacon in 1985 and priest in 1986.  He later earned his Licentiate and Doctorate in Canon Law at Pontifical Holy Cross University in Rome.

Let's keep our beloved "Bishop Dominic" in our prayers

Some information about the Diocese of Lodwar . . .

Lodwar Diocese, located in northwestern Kenya, has a population of 450,860 with 106,018 Catholics (according to Kenya Catholic Directory 2006). There are 22 parishes, 47 priests, 49 sisters and 7 brothers.

The challenges facing the Church in Lodwar are myriads.  For many years the Church has strived to answer the needs of the people in concrete ways.  She seeks for food to feed them, for money to educate them, for water for the people and for their animals. When the first missionaries came to Lodwar in the early sixties it was an answer to the request made by the government of that time to come and set up famine camps and food distribution centers since there was a very serious famine killing many people.  These food distributions camps became the 25 parishes they have today.

The Church in Lodwar lacks the resources to achieve her mission and vision of evangelization and eradication of human suffering. For this reason, they continually appeal to all friends of good will to assist them in any way they can. With prayers and donations, both large and small, we are answering Christ’s invitation to help.

A way to bring hope to the needy 

The presence of the Church is helping in a very big way to change the minds and perceptions of the people of Lodwar towards the ways of peace.  It is very clear that only when these people are educated, evangelized and imbued with Christian values will there be lasting peace in their hearts, in their homes and with their neighbors.

To ensure that students get a quality education Bishop Dominic would like to establish two secondary schools in the diocese managed privately by the Church, one for boys and another for girls.  The goal is to set standards high so that these students will get the best education possible enabling them to compete with other students in the country for the few vacancies available in colleges.  A good moral education with discipline and performance standards is their only HOPE for the future.   Improving standards can make a real impact and help create the nation’s leaders of tomorrow.  Indeed, most of Kenya’s leaders have been educated in Catholic missionary schools.  

Below are six students who are part of the "Vulnerable Student Sponsorship Program". Three Hundred Dollars provides a Catholic education for the entire year. This is a wonderful opportunity for a family project of giving. You and your family will have an opportunity of building relationship with a child in our Sister Diocese of Lodwar, Kenya. Each youngster, or a person assigned to them, will correspond with their sponsor keeping them informed of the child's progress.


How You Can Help

Please help Bishop Dominic bring his dreams for the people of Lodwar to reality with a generous donation to his ministries.  With God’s help and the generosity of supporters like you it can be done. 

How Your Contributions Will be Used

100% of the contributions are wired to Bishop Dominic on a quarterly basis. The money will be used at Bishop Dominic's discretion where most needed in helping the people of his diocese with an emphasis on education, unless otherwise designated.  St. Joseph Church absorbs administration costs.