History of St. Joseph Parish

Dedicated to the Living Stones who have gone before us and helped us to become who we are today. We are the Living Stones for those who will come after us. “You too are living stones, built as an edifice of spirit, into a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ”
I Peter 2:5.

This is a beginning document of our parish family story. Hopefully, more and more memories will be added as time goes on. Like most family stories, various members remember different details of specific events and place different degrees of importance on them. Do you have memories, artifacts, or pictures to share?

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1828 to 1904   
The Settlement of Kalamazoo until the Establishment of St. Joseph Mission   

1904 to 1920  
St. Joseph Mission until the Transfer of Father Frank McQueen, pastor

1920 to 1947   
Father Richard Grace, pastor

1947 to 1962   
Father Joseph Rochford, pastor

1962 to 1969     
Father George Higgins, pastor (1962 - 1966)
Father John Hayes, pastor (1966 - 1969)

1969 to 1980  
Father William Fitzgerald, pastor

Our Church Windows  
The Munich Style - The Munich Studio, Chicago - Names on our windows

Parish Stories as Told by Parishioners  
The Early Years - Around the 1950s - Around the 1970's