Bishop Dominic Ministries, Student Sponsorship Program Lodwar Catholic Schools,


  In Relationship with the Catholic Diocese of Lodwar                           

Matt and Stacy Luckas have supported Bishop Dominic Ministries, from its inception in 2014. When Bishop Dominic was in ministry at the seminary, Matt and Stacy were a great support to a young man named Casmir (now Fr. Casmir). They have also supported two young women who are being educated through the Diocese of Lodwar at Queen of Peace School for Girls.

Recently, Fr. Casmir made a special trip to Lodwar to thank Bishop Dominic for his support, along with the special relationship he now has with Matt and Stacy. During his visit, Fr. Casmir met up with Janet and Phoebe Ajikon, taking a picture together to send to Matt and Stacy.  Fr. Casmir said that through the Bishop Dominic Ministries, Matt, Stacy, Janet, Phoebe, and Fr. Casmir are now one family.

The Student Sponsorship program is one way to build relationships with the youth of Lodwar,  ($350 for a one year education and $450 if you would like to include room and board), while offering a great education that we often take for granted.

If you are interested in sponsoring a young boy or girl in the Lodwar Catholic Schools, please contact Sr. Maureen Metty at 269-716-2055 or email,

Thank you, Sr. Maureen