Father Andrew Travels with the Prayers of our Parish

If you haven’t heard yet, Fr. Andrew will be gone January 13 until March 15 to spend time in Mexico studying. He will spend 6 weeks taking Spanish grammar and vocabulary classes 5 days a week and spend the weekends in the parish observing pastoral ministry.

After this, Fr. Andrew will spend an additional 3 weeks, directly in the parish at Mater Nostra, Guadalajara, observing youth ministry, parish organization, pastoral planning, etc. He will be working pretty hard, but he is looking forward to it, and hoping to learn a lot!

The mail service is very different from here in the United States, so Fr. Andrew will not be able to receive mail while he is in Mexico. However, we may send him an occasional email message, so if you have news to pass along, please let us know.

While Fr. Andrew is gone, Fr. Mike will be presiding over more Masses than usual and will have our wonderful deacons helping with the increased workload. One change in the schedule that you should know about is that daily morning Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will only take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. (No morning Adoration on Thursday or the weekend.)

As always, when you need Fr. Mike he is available to you by contacting the parish office and we will text or email him with your request, which he will respond to as soon as possible. The parish office staff and Fr. Mike are here to be of service to you.

Please keep Fr. Andrew and Fr. Mike in your prayers.