Changes at St. Joseph Parish

In case you were not here for Mass May 25-26 when the announcement was made, we have more news for our parishioners. Fr. Mike will be leaving us in July, as he plans to start a new chapter in his life. We’re not sure yet just what direction he will take next, but it’s sure to be something “GREAAAT!” (as he would say as he kicks up his foot).

Fr. Mike has served St. Joseph parish for a total of 32 years, with the most recent stint beginning back in 1991. He has performed countless Baptisms, First Communions, Quinceañeras, Weddings, etc. and an almost infinite number of prayers and welcoming of souls to the Lord’s Table as we celebrate the Holy Eucharist.Fr. Mike became Msgr. Hazard in 2005, but to all of us, he will always be, “Father Mike.”

Without doubt, when change happens, things are different and we’re never really prepared for what comes next. But with change comes an opportunity for each of us to grow and accomplish something new on our “bucket list”.

This is true for Fr. Mike, too. He gets to experience something new and grow as a man and as a priest, because one thing we know for sure is that Fr. Mike will always be a GREAAAT priest and God is not done with him yet!

Fr. Andrew will be moving to St. Joseph parish in Battle Creek to be the parochial vicar there. He will also be chaplain to each of the Battle Creek Area Catholic schools. Fr. Andrew’s new assisnment begins July 1, and my move takes effect two weeks later. The priest who is assigned to be the new parochial vicar (assistant pastor) here is Fr. Maximilian Nightingale, two-years ordained and a very capable priest. He will start with us on July 15,.

The priest who will be joining the St. Joseph parish staff (as Pastor) is known to the Bishop, who has his reasons for asking that the name not be revealed until June 15. The new pastor will start here on July 15.