Stewardship is defined as:

The responsible use and care of all God's gifts with an attitude of thanksgiving to God for these gifts.  This would include such things as the responsible use and care of such things as:

  • Earth's resources (care of the environment)
  • Care of ourselves- bodies, health, etc, 
  • Time , talents and personal gifts with others
  • Financial resources (treasure)

There are endless ways to practice good stewardship.  A few examples that come to mind are:

Walking or biking when possible to destination, recycling. pick up litter, getting regular check ups and following the doctor's recommendations, ie, quit smoking, lose weight, donate blood to the blood bank reduce sun exposure to name a few,  Volunteer at the parish (there are endless opportunities to share your time or personal talents), Support the parish, local food pantry, Urban Alliance and Michigan United are ways to financially share your financial gifts.

What can you personally do to become a good or better steward?

Share Your Stewardship Video

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