Opportunities to Volunteer and Serve


For opportunities to serve, click on the area in which you are interested. Just call or email the contact person when you find something.


The Holy Mass and the sacraments are the bedrock of Catholic worship. We all have an important role as members of the assembly gathered to worship God and to offer ourselves to God in union with Jesus. Our presence and our prayer builds up the community. Members come forth to serve in various ways. 

Devotional Prayer

At the end of Mass, we are sent forth to love and serve the Lord. Where and how is God calling you to serve? You might find some opportunities in what follows.  Prayer is a constant in everything we do at St. Joseph's. The following groups and activities deserve special attention because prayer - in and of itself - is the focal point of their ministry. 

Christian Formation  

Christian formation concerns deepening our understanding of the Catholic Faith, to become "formed" to the life Jesus Christ is calling us to live. St. Joseph's offers several ways to help form its members of all ages (adults, youth, and children) as disciples of Jesus. Would you like to participate in or help with one of the following areas? 


The Faith Jesus calls us to is not faith in a vacuum. It is social. It has us interacting with our brothers and sisters, working together, building up our parish community and helping each other become better witnesses of Christ. The following are some of the opportunities to foster fellowship. You might find something for yourself here. 

Service and Outreach

Catholics are called to imitate Jesus by taking care of those in need. St. Joseph parishioners answer this call by assisting the needy worldwide through organizations such as Catholic Relief Services and the Foods Resource Bank.  On a more local scale, St. Joseph's provides a meeting site for Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Many of our parishioners assist our parish and others in the following ways: